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No 06670, Kavaklıdere, 106. Sk., 06680 Çankaya/Ankara, Türkiye

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3.0 / 5

Went to see the adopt the arts benefit show. With Sammy Hagar as headliner. Great show great venue.


If you are looking for a spacious place to continue to dance to EDM music to - this is your place. The crowd is eclectic at best but more are in a trance so you won't be bother. The $25 cover at the door seems excessive but the clean bathrooms & well working air conditioner will help you justify. It's an experience all ravers must do at least once


I love dancing here. The people are super nice and there’s room if you make it. Sometimes the DJs are on point depending on what music you like. I only go upstairs.


Great spot to catch a live DJ set or electronica performance. The architecture of the building is so elegant and there's multiple rooms to wander through and see what else is going on. Load up on drinks down the street first, though... this place is a prime example of clubs charging absurd amounts for cocktails.


I went to the Avalon during my west coast road trip. I called ahead to request bottle service and bottles were not overly expensive. It was definitely reasonable compared to other clubs. I received great service from management and staff. Since I was alone on my road trip, the staff and management tried their best to make me feel comfortable. I also met an aspiring actress here. Lol