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Pazartesi: 11:00–21:00
Salı: 11:00–21:00
Çarşamba: 11:00–21:00
Perşembe: 11:00–21:00
Cuma: 11:00–21:30
Cumartesi: 11:00–21:30
Pazar: 11:00–21:00

Nomads Restaurant İletişim ve Ulaşım Bilgileri

Muallim Naci Cad. No:65, Ortaköy, 34347 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Türkiye

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Nomads Restaurant Yorumları

Değerlendirme Puanı:
3.0 / 5

Every time. Always good. Busy place, waited 25mins tonight for a table... Which is actually great because I have waited longer. Spicy Curry House Fried Rice... DELICIOUS!!! I love their hot jasmine tea and always get the eggplant... I never regret ordering too much because it means I have delicious leftovers the next day... Service is fast and friendly. Quite an eclectic crowd, so not a good place if you're not hip to other races (like most of Long Beach is!). Very casual atmosphere....


I had a concerned about my food that I took to go. I noticed that the quality was very low. And the dish that I ordered had more than enough pieces of fat their should’ve been on it. I contacted the supervisor and the supervisor and I were in a high stress conversation. After me trying to get his name he told me that I have three chances to get his name correct and then he’s going to have to hang up the phone. I’ve been trying to call him afterwords and there’s been no answer. He hung up the phone with me. I am Very understanding. Maybe it would have gone differently if I walked into the store. I have the food saved


Great portions and wonderful food. Some standards dishes are a little different, like the brown rice soo have an open mind. I had the sweet and sour chicken and it was very tasty. You'll most likely bring food home.


It was soo packed so the service was a little slow. However the serving sizes were quite generous. Loved the shrimp noodles. All their straws were different colours. They give chopsticks upon request . And they give fortune cookies with the bill.


I have to say the food is great. I've been here quite a few times and they never disappoint. It's a little hidden in the plaza that it's in but if you drive towards the back you will see it. The staff is quick and polite and the food always comes out steaming hot. I love everything on the menu and recommend this place for lunch and dinner.